Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Snakes Say Hisss! Album

The new Snakes Say Hisss! album should be coming out soon. Jamie and Sam put it together and Jake Aaron from Spirit Marines is mastering at the moment. Art was done by Perry Lubin and his group Penz. Promotional CDs will be officially been sent out to 300 colleges 9/8/06. Here's a picture of what the cover of the booklet should look like (unfolded - left side will be the back and right side will be the front if you can imagine)...This version will glow in the dark...
1. Talk 2. We Are Hot 3. The Backroom 4. Skinfinity 5. Take It Slow 6. Watch Out...Snakes! 7. I Control The Wind 8. Avalon 9. Love Is A Heart Attatck 10. I'm A Doll 11. Turn Me On 12. Babes

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