Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Side One: Track One - Famous Class Review

So this is pretty fuckin nice. Jamie showed me this review of Famous Class on the blog "Side One: Track One." John Laird is the writer from Texas who reviews music. He has a few things to say that aren't the typical recation, so its certainly worth a look. Here's the overall Famous Class review part, as opposed to the individual band reviews (and as always, click the title or pictures to go there and read it).

"It's been awhile since I took a moment to profile a label so today I am bringing you all of the fanciness that is Famous Class. Created in 2003 by Cyrus and Perry Lubin the label has put together a lineup that is pretty diverse and a catalog that includes comics, zines, and hand printed shirts which help cover the artistic ambitions of everyone that is involved with Famous Class. Personally I am all about hand printed shirts and that probably would have been enough to inspire me to spread the good word about FC but the music is what it's all about and it is pure quality stuff. The best part is you get a little bit of everything: if you want some synth pop then Snakes Say Hisss! won't disappoint, if you are looking for some experimental garage rock then Boogie Boarder is for you or if you want some garage rock with less emphasis on experimental then The Huxtables are eager to please. All in all there is a lot to love so take some time to check out the tight knit community over at Famous Class."
- John Laird of "Side One:Track One"

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