Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Terrorbird: Terrorbird Media launches "TerrorbirdDigital"

We're sellin CDs etc. in Case Center friday...well no me, but Cyrus. I'm gonna be away at a massive party. Woooooooooooo! Oh yeah, check out FCTV on the right. So hot. And new Snakes Say Hisss! shirts came in all we have to do is make a new design, make a screen print and print all the shirts...fuck. In other news...

Hey Radio DJs & Record Labels:
"Terrorbird Media has partnered with Alpha Pup Digital to develop "TerrorbirdDigital", a stunning new digital radio promotion interface that goes live on January 17th...offers both radio stations and record labels an even wider array of options for radio and promo campaigns than ever before - the ability to download all project assets (Terrorbird one sheet, album artwork, etc.)"
- Terrorbird Media

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