Saturday, May 26, 2007

I guess this is just a Culture Blog now...

Here's my best translation of this Portuguese blog, Mespacinho, about Snakes Say Hisss!

"My.....Snakes Say Hisss Snakes Say Hisss I adored. That is you perfect sound track will be who confuses you the Hustler with Wrestling. LOLLLLL, oh well. "Famous class", or disc, is of the past, but wants anus there you know, Íll be loving you...; ) And you speech is that you people understands."

This is also a funny Live Journal about Boogie Boarder.

Oh yeah tour coming up in August...uh I'll let you know...

here's something cool I found from this japanese blog (thats right, I export my reasearch on good american shit) with a wierd name - You Are Not Concerned (Don't Trust "Everybody"). Nothing hotter than finding/diggin on yourself on the dancefloor.

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