Tuesday, December 25, 2007


every now and again a friend of mine gets dvds pre-released to her house. we watched Sweeney Todd yesterday and it was surprisingly shocking. her father tells me that friends of his are actually getting nightmares (and probably not those people you've already characterized in your mind, more like the real ones, like you and me); but despite an impressive showing, thats not the movie I wanted to talk about...

"There Will Be Blood"
the music is like something from the shining, and the imagery reminds me of Days of Heaven, or The Assassination of Jessie James By The Coward Robert Ford. there are a lot of uncomfortable moments created by unsettling and unpredictable characters. as you might have figured out by the title, this movie isn't about oil, it is about every dirty instinct that spawns from the kind of wealth, competition and tragedy that oil creates. Daniel Day-Lewis plays Daniel Plainview, one of the coldest characters I've seen. sometimes it seems like the plot is just a lot of random events thrown together over about two and a half hours. but it's worth it. there are a lot of running themes to deal with. also, these days it seems like movies are becoming more Jim Jarmusch/impressionist. mostly just to give you a feeling and let you sleep with it. the link on the picture is a trailer that i think represents the movie well.

anyway, its 3:20 in the financial district on christmas day and all the jack-hammers and massive trucks have gone to sleep. its more quiet than the suburbs.

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