Monday, January 14, 2008

selected fire #2

stay up on my grizzy. more downtempo (darker picks) with a better flow (one guy's opinion). 37 min of selections and then one long idjut space affair. a bit more variety too; for the 'phones, not the speakers. 

5 selections:
1. kraftwerk - robots
4. runaway - she did it for the money
9. chromatics - in the city
10. karen young - hot shot (couldn't resist)
11. smith & mudd - vegetable square (version idjut)

plus a bonus (if only i had it...time to get up on the computer mixing)

1 comment:

Dave Willis said...

Trippy man. Made me feel like I was being mechanically carried down the conveyor belt in some kind of Disco-Dub-Bot Sound System Factory.