Sunday, January 06, 2008

we played a party

ok, so it was sort of our own party, but still. and, what's more, we learned some important lessons:

1. defend the house audio system at all costs. people thought we had the shit set up so THEY could mess around.  if we were skilled enough to teach anyone anything, it might be a different story.
2. don't let anyone know that iPods can be played. people get grabby grabby.
3. I gotta stay fly-y-y-y-a-y-y-y-yyy. just sayin.

Top 10 for Nick's B-Day Jam (1/4/08):
1. Donna Summer - Bad Girls
2. Jimmy "Bo" Horne - Dance Across the Floor (Shux Edit) - Editions Disco
3. Chromatics - Running Up That Hill ("You guys just took it to another level" - best comment of the night)
4. Chicago - Street Player - Rated X Records
5. Shit Robot - Chasm - DFA
6. Morgan Geist - Most of All - Environ
7. Damiano Digglerelli & Philippo Ransullo - B&D - Community Service
8. DJ Eli - Papa's Got a Brand New Bag - T&A (people held it down even in the face of b'more, i just might cop a few more records)
9. ZZT - Lower State of Consciousness (Justice Remix) - Turbo Recordings
10. El Coco - Let's Get It Together - 12" Classics (yeah it's a boot, so what?)

11. Camp Lo - Luchini (on a late nite, "get the fuck out of my apt so we can move the bed back into the living room" tip for real)

also, I couldn't find my whacked out Idjut Boys remix so we didn't get into the whole hippie dance circle thing, but then again, it's not like it was a 5am sunrise beach party. Shouts to the CDJ kid who mixed Lee Douglas for us. 

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