Wednesday, February 13, 2008

selected fire #5: hurtin' 'em in the streets

sorry for the long break; our new old friend Nate came correct with some bangerz and some icy shit though, so i don't feel too bad. last weekend saw many hot hot disco purchases, so after many tiring hours of listening to horns and strings, this mix was made with a deeper groove in mind. lively but not essplodin', ya dig? if you're reading this, your presence has probably been requested; don't let us doowwwwwn.

5 selections;
3. botox - tragedy symphony - i'm a cliche
4. manuel gottsching - e2-e4 (not the whole thing, silly) - booooooot (you know how we do)
5. loud e - palaza break
8. kate bush - runnin' up that hill (ashley beedle edit)
9. cosmic metal mother - i think... (chacona's pris loves roland mix)

selected fire #5; party promo

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