Saturday, March 01, 2008

Craigslist Missed Connection of the Week:


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Date: 2008-03-01, 2:04PM EST

I just miss you :(

Shit, did I post that? Almost. But maybe you feel cheated, here's another one...

You asked me for a napkin!!!!!!!!

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Date: 2008-02-28, 10:22PM EST

It was 1:30pm this past Tuesday, I was putting sugar in my coffee and i saw you in the cafe getting ready to leave. I kept looking over at you and I though you were watching me too. Then you came up, said hi, and told me you were looking for a napkin. I freaked and started looking frantically for one (I know real smooth) but with no luck. Pointed you in the direction of a distant dispenser and ran away.

A few minutes later, after I ran outside to see if I saw you (I had finally built up enough courage to ask you out), I asked myself "I wonder why she needed a napkin". I mean, yeah, maybe you just wanted one, for sure. But you were in fact leaving the cafe, therefore had probably eaten already and had previously used a napkin. There were napkins on every other table except for where I was, of course! And you could have asked ANYONE else for one, so why me. Then it dawned on me !DUH STUPID! maybe she wanted a freaking napkin so she could write her number on it! Genius I know. Sometimes I really wonder about myself, I can be a little slow and intensly awkward when in the presence of a beautiful women.

Long story short, NAPKIN LADY WHERE DID YOU GO! I hope I see you again.

Or maybe you did really just want a napkin.

Super Dork with Coffee

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