Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rolling Italo-Thunder Vol. 3

Hello, all. Sorry for the delay but since I missed the Justice show in New York, that I bought round trip train tickets and  tickets to, I was a little under the weather. Have to love self-assured cousins. Anyway, I made it up to myself and caught the show in Boston, which was a sweaty, dance party. However, on an entirely unrelated noted, I come bearing more Italo-disco. 

  1. Samurai - Michael Cretu 
  2. Eyes - Clio 
  3. Easy Lady - Ivana Spagna 
  4. Come With Me - HBO
  5. Maria Magdalena - Sandra 
  6. Penguins Invasion - Scotch 
  7. Bolero - Fancy 
Eyes might very well be the hottest Italo-disco song I've ever heard. Ever. 

1 comment:

Daniel said...

Hey Nathan,

IMHO, Samurai - Michael Cretu and Maria Magdalena – Sandra are NOT Italo Disco, but German Pop.

Daniel, New York