Monday, April 07, 2008


Well, it's been awhile, everyone. I imagine about half of this blog's 20 readers miss me, and my mixes of Italo-Thunder and creamy disco music. Well, assholes, I have neither of those things for you today, so Fuck you! I'm not your fucking slave! But I digress. I have a mix of really random shit of everything from old Prince to Aeroplane, to Tears for Fears and, just for the fuck of it, some Wham! Anyway, I'm not sure why I decided to call this "Sweat," but it came to me, and it stuck. So enjoy my mix.  
  1. Controversy - Prince 
  2. Everything She Wants - Wham! 
  3. Summer of Love - The Presets 
  4. Shout - Tears for Fears 
  5. I Believe (Space Dub) - Simian Mobile Disco 
  6. Worlds Converged - Midnight Juggernauts 
  7. Fool for Love (Aeroplane Remix) - Das Pop 
  8. Chrystal City - Alan Braxe &  Fred Falke 
  9. Sunday Night Fever - Anoraak 
  10. Babylon by Car - Bot'ox
  11. So Haunted - Cut Copy 

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