Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palin and Women

I am male. I truly have little personal experience from which to comment on the subject of Sarah Palin and feminism, but I am willing to risk my neck (to the extent that the bloggosphere holds little recourse aside from a few angry posts), so here goes.

This woman is an embarrassment to the the feminist movement. Now, I am not about to define feminism. I think to some it is a very simple thing and to others very complicated. What I am attempting to say is that she represents women about as well as 'The View.' Regardless of her lies about her record, and even ignoring her stance on certain issues that allow a male-dominated government to allow male-dominated religious views to control the choices of women all over the country, she in no way represents the struggle on the part of many women of this country to permeate the ingrained sexism that still exists yet for many Americans remains unacknowledged.

Women in this country who remain out of the spotlight were true achievers (Abigail Adams, Ethel Percy Andrews, Madeleine Korbel Albright, Susan B. Anthony, etc. etc. etc.). I do not intend and hope and believe that many women do not want to be represented on an international stage by a woman who was primarily appointed to her position for political tactic. I don't think one woman represents all women either, which is why her argument that she has "shattered the glass ceiling" would seem to me to be a complete insult. Again, the American Woman is something I could never define and limit therein, but the vice presidency of the United States no matter how insignificant some may claim it to be, should not be represented by a Hawaii Pacific College/North Idaho College/University of Idaho/Matanuska-Susitna College/University of Idaho communications major, sportscaster, beauty queen, small-town mayor, inexperienced liar, male or female. I never thought I'd say this, but women deserved Hillary Clinton. It is exploitation at the hands of John McCain - someone who exploits his own mediocre US Military service for political gain and an embarrassment to US politics by way of the Republican Party - a national & international joke.

But the truth is we live in a country that is run by a majority that does not care for issues of government.

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