Thursday, April 02, 2009

Love is the Drug

I. Can't. Mix. But I sometimes like to think of myself as a creative individual. So I had the idea to create "Concept Mixes" about various themes. I don't do any mixing. I either let the computer do that shit or let the song end and then let the new track role. These "Concept Mixes" are more about selection than mixing ability, as I obviously have none. This is a first try, so the selection and concepts should get more interesting as time passes. Diverse tracklist, but I think it works in it's own right. You tell me. If this shit sucks, I want to know about it so I don't pull any bullshit like this again. 

The Smiths -- This Charming Man (New York Vocal Edit)
Roxy Music -- Love is the Drug
Luther Vandross -- I'll Let You Slide
David Bowie -- Speed of Life
Talk Talk -- It's My Life
Alan Parsons Project -- I Wouldn't Want to be Like You
Fleetwood Mac -- Dreams

So there, enjoy because as Bryan Ferry put it, Love is the Drug I'm Thinking of.


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