Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I bumped into Jay-Z at the office today...

Yeah, he was chillin with my boss drinkin white wine in her office before the club got goin. He left and we kinda squeezed by eachother in the hallway...he's kinda scrony. I think could take him. I'm pretty sure that's all it takes to retain someone else's fortune.

"I'm five foot five - six inches or more, but I stand like I'm six-four."

The real reason I wrote this post??? To remind Skidmore kids and friends of Skid kiddies (whats goin on fellas) that the Huxtables and Snakes are playing at Excelsior (in Saratoga Springs for you non-Skidmore people) August 11th. Also, to remind everyone else that the Spirit Marines are playing this Friday (the 27th) at a house party called "Death by Audio" (which should be sweaty and unbridled) at 49 S. 2nd St. in Brooklyn from 8:00pm - 11:00pm. ENJOY! And I'll see you guys who aren't in NYC back at Skidmore (because those are basically the only two places where people have chosen to spend their summer).

...speaking of people spending their funny time in funny places...

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