Sunday, September 09, 2007

I'm so late...VICE reviews The Huxtables

"This CD came attached to the back page of a pink-and-yellow construction-paper zine filled with really shitty drawings of whale-men and raccoons, which is enough to convince me that my decision to listen to it instead of, say, hurling it against the nearest wall and cleaning up the mess weeks later was an act of intervention on the part of a particularly benevolent, good-tune-appreciating god. This is exactly what I always hoped all those Paper Rad/Load bands would sound like instead of just bad noise-jazz—casual little guitar melodies with broken-y keyboards and extended Cosby Show samples."


You can check out the original here.
And everyone knows VICE. Ok, I gotta get back to watching the VMAs. *Justice vs. Kanye or should I say *Justice vs. Daft Punk

Ok, well here's the cover of the VICE. I just ordered it off ebay.

OH YEAH! and the tour just ended, so here's a picture (cy has all the others on his facebook)...

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