Monday, September 11, 2006

Amp Camp:Huxtables - "A Touch of Wonder"

Here are snips from the Ampcamp review...

As for the Huxtables:
"A humorous mix of sarcastic nostalgia, genuine interest and a modern experimental aesthetic - they would certainly appreciate their roots before they added their own unique blend of synthe, rock and exploratory electronics." - Amp Camp

And for the Album:
"...their album A Touch of Wonder proves the goofy twosome [Cyrus and Mark] put a whole lotta love, along with the laughter, into their funky mix of synthe pop, exploratory electronica, and indie rock. The Huxtables could easily fall into a cliche trap of camp: mockery by false gravity. And though they are often silly, there's nothing false about this album. They may be foolish at times, but they are always genuine. An authenticity and their sense of humor (there is in fact a kazoo on this album) make A Touch of Wonder a truly appealing record." - Amp Camp

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