Sunday, September 24, 2006

Music-versity:Snakes Say Hisss! - "I'll Be Lovin You"

Here are snips from the Music-versity review...

As for Famous Class:
"I’m a sucker for artwork. I’ll Be Lovin’ You comes packaged in an oversized booklet of hand drawn artwork that refuses to be lost in the sea of colorful side-labels that is your CD rack, mostly because it lacks not only the actual side-label, but the jewel case as well. And what’s embedded into the pitch-black CD?" - Michael Ardaiolo

As for Snakes:
"Syrupy synth hooks shimmy over a lo-fi drum machine and subdued guitar interplay while Ayers sings with conviction and playfulness, but he is low enough in the mix not too completely drown out the rest of their sound. I am completely impressed with the synth-pop duo and the small DIY upstart Famous Class; this album is ten times better than any of that Killers/Kasabian/(enter next hype-machine here) nonsense major labels piss away millions on to recreate a sound perfected 20 years ago." - Michael Ardaiolo

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By the way, the show went great, we're all so glad everyone could come out. It was really more than we could ask for...

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