Sunday, January 13, 2008

selected fire #1...

...since mixing is a bit beyond me at the moment. hopefully the car crash transitions and tracks with low levels are just funny. methinks we need to rewire the system but whatever. how about that, an actual faux-mix post. back for the first time!  your boy's got more fire from 13-E's mixer on the way too. no shit. it's on (get the patron).

5 selected quotations:
"a fly girl like me needs security"
"never forget those aimless years"
"the way you do the things you do makes me have a jones for you"
"it's drivin' me outta my mind"
"one night in a disco..."

5 selections:
1. steve miller - space intro
2. gwen guthrie - ain't nothin' goin' on but the rent (levan mix)
6. klout (golem edit)
12. sister sledge - he's the greatest dancer
14. lee douglas - new york story

this is the beginning of the beginning of the beginning.

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