Saturday, January 19, 2008

selected fire #3: dizzy's mix

mixed/beamed live and direct from the Financial District NYC to the Haight, SF CA for "a champion of dance, his moves will put you in a trance, and he never leaves the disco alone." dig those crazy Floyd covers. Lovefingers we ain't, but that's why it's called "a little something everyday" I guess. plenty of funky funky weirdness for your listening pleasure. 

5 selections:

2. rosebud - money
5. mary jane girls - in my house (r.i.p. rick james)
6. lovefingers - astroturf
8. lcd - daft at my house (soulwax mixxx w/daft sounds in the intro!)
11.rosebud - have a cigar

hello? is there anybody out there?

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